Hello, and welcome to my little tiny corner of the web! I am a children and family photographer located in Birmingham, Alabama with over 14 years of experience. I specialize in photography newborns, expecting moms, children and families, high school seniors and equestrians.


My love of photography began at a very young age with my father's Polaroid camera. Creating "backdrops" of poster board and carpet squares, I photographed my not-so-willing pets. Little did I know that this would turn into a career years down the road!


Years later when my husband gave me my first "real" film camera, I coerced the photography teacher at the school where I taught math to teach me how to use it. After several classes and much time spent developing my images in the darkroom during my planning periods, I was hooked and realized that I would never teach another calculus class again.


My own kids were my inspiration for getting into the photography business. What started out as a hobby turned into a passion for creating images that would stop time and allow me to remember their toothless grins, their pensive moments, and their rare displays of affection with one another!


My goal is to create images of your children and family that are not only beautiful and timeless, but that also preserve a moment in time. My style is a mix of vintage and modern, serious and silly, and classic but relaxed.


When I'm not doing photography, I enjoy traveling, cooking, reading, playing the piano and spending time with my family. Most often, you will find me at a barn somewhere watching my daughter ride horses (which has really spurred my love of equestrian photography) or listening to my son perform one of his many musical talents. They truly are my inspiration for all that I do!