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A little ray of sunshine (Birmingham Children’s Photographer)

It’s funny how God can send just the right person into your life at just the right time.  Last week, as I found myself caught up in worry over my friend Julianne and her family, God sent in a ray of sunshine that I can only describe as divine intervention.  That little ray of sunshine came in the form on Leeann and her precious family.  You see, a little over two years ago, Leeann was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Shortly after she found out about her diagnosis, she called me to document her with her family….she knew that she would soon not feel well and that she would most likely lose her hair during treatment.  I remember driving to that session with a lump in my throat unsure that I would be able to do the job without getting emotional.  She was the first person that I knew who was close to my age who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  What I found that night was a family with a whole lot of love for each other…and I remember laughing (no crying!) and a lot of snuggling.   I left  with a sense of hope that she was going to beat it.  Leeann had an intense fight ahead of her, but she fought it with grace and strength (and the love of family and friends)…and she is healthy today.

Earlier in the summer, I had a session scheduled with Leeann’s family, but if I recall correctly, one of the kids got sick, and we rescheduled for last week.  I think that it was completely God’s timing that we rescheduled when we did, because I needed to see Leeann again.   I’ve kept up with her through mutual clients and friends, but I haven’t seen her in quite a while.  Although our focus was really to be on the children for this session, it was such an encouragement to be able to photograph Leeann with them again (at least for a few shots) after what she has endured these past two years.  And it was also incredible to see the sweet bond that is shared by brother and sister, who I know have been through so much while Mom was sick.  It was the encouragement that I needed at a time that I’ve been worried sick over my sweet friend and her family who is currently headed down the exact same path as Leeann was two years ago.  Leeann, I know that you didn’t know it, but you offered so much hope to me at exactly the right time.  You are an amazingly strong woman….just like I know that Julianne (and Cathy!) will be.  I hope that you know what an encouragement you are to so many people.  My hope and prayer is that we continue to meet up this way every so often.  🙂



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